RDA Hunter’s STEM Workforce Manager, Rick Evans recently attended the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) World Congress in Melbourne.

Hosted by Australian TAFEs, the Congress brought together over 800 delegates from community colleges and polytechnics from around the world and experts in professional and vocational education and training. It explored new challenges in vocational and professional education and training arising from advances in technologies and automation and the impact on work, societies and peoples who may be displaced due to changing economic and global circumstances.

Of particular interest to RDA Hunter was the session by OECD’s Paris-based Head, Local Economic and Employment Division, Mr Sylvain Giguere. Mr Giguere’s session covered: Apprenticeships and how other work-based learning opportunities can improve the transition from school to work while also ensuring that individuals acquire the skills they need to be successful in an evolving and unpredictable labour market.

He overviewed how apprenticeship programmes can play a critical role in supporting regional economic development efforts by better supplying employers with critical talent while also improving their profitability and productivity. He discussed the role of the local level in engaging employers to participate in work-based training and apprenticeship opportunities.

And, importantly, he highlighted RDA Hunter’s STEMship program as a case study of successful policy implementation in Australia.

RDA Hunter looks forward to the release of the OECD’s upcoming report on “Engaging Employers in Skills at the Local Level” that will further highlight STEMship as an exemplar of success in workforce development via industry engagement.

Visit https://wfcp2018.com.au/ and http://www.oecd.org/cfe/leed/biography-sylvaingiguere.htm