miniME targets primary school students. It engages them in fun, hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities to ignite their interest in STEM subjects and open their eyes to the region’s interesting industrial base. It encourages them to continue STEM study throughout their schooling and introduces them to the concept that studying STEM can lead to jobs helping Australia’s jets fly, for example.

The program began in 2014 with corporate partners including PwC, HVCCC, PWCS and GE. Most recently, it was supported by Newcastle City Council’s Smart Move Newcastle: Intelligent Mobility, Energy and Data Networks Project and engaged years 5 and 6 students from 35 primary schools in Newcastle LGA.

miniME delivers technology programs like Obelisk Systems’ STARLab Mars Rover kits and related curriculum training to schools to help students learn and apply knowledge in areas including coding.