PRIME (Pathways to Resource Industry and Mining Employment)

The PRIME Program is a collaboration between RDA Hunter, the NSW Minerals Council, and delivered in partnership with industry to Hunter Region High Schools to promote mining career and education pathways.

The program includes the implementation of:

  • Mining-specific content

  • Scenario-based learning activities

  • Real-world problem solving in the classroom

  • Industry experiences

The Program is designed for Stage 5 students to help them appreciate how Science and Geography apply across the lifecycle of a mine, and the types of skills and jobs required to support mining operations.

Students complete a PRIME workbook with a variety of learning activities:

  • Google Maps activities

  • Research experiences

  • Interactive experiences

  • Debate activities

  • Comprehension experiences

At the completion of the workbook, students collaborate with a small group of classmates on developing a solution to one of the four exciting PRIME project briefs designed by industry:

  1. Economies of Scale

  2. Water as a Finite Resource

  3. Transport & Logistics

  4. Sustainability & Recycling

These solutions are presented to industry representatives, who provide valuable feedback to the students.

Download the PRIME Teacher and Student workbooks:

2023 PRIME Teacher Workbook

2023 PRIME Student Workbook

Contact Details:

If you would like more information about the PRIME Program or are interested in registering your school to participate, please email: